Call for Contributions

1st Non-Monogamies and Contemporary Intimacies Conference

Current Calls for Contributions – Lisbon, 2015 (25th-27th September)

Deadline: 18th of May, 2015

English (academic call; artistic / activist / performance call)

Academic Call for Contributions

Research in sociology, psychology, anthropology and contemporary history has shown that traditional concepts and practices regarding marriage, family, sexuality, and intimacy have been changing rapidly in recent decades. There have been radical revisions of thinking and practice not only related to sexuality but also involving gender roles, single-parenthood, family structures, contraception, abortion, and divorce. Many of these areas have been linked to transformations in broader social, economic and political constructs, such as same-sex marriage.

These changes are faced with mainstream negative representations of non-monogamy which describe it as “infidelity”, “serial monogamy”, or “failures” of the “normal” pattern of intimacy. Such perspectives assign a privileged role to…

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